Possibly Fraud MLM Companies

Here are a list of possibly fraudulent MLM companies. As per the primary screening of these MLM companies, it seems to be no good for direct sellers. Primarily these companies are not following the MLM guidelines or their kind of business habits and products or services are not trustworthy enough. However it will be totally depending on direct sellers to get associated with given companies. But we do not recommend to direct sellers to get associated with these companies, directly or indirectly. DSV Ratings do not advice the general public and companies of India to work with these possibly fraudulent Multi Level Marketing companies.
In future if detailed screening of any listed companies are done by DSV Ratings will be updated here on https://www.dsvratings.com/p/possibly-fraudulent-mlm-companies.html If we find any listed companies to be good enough for working with letter we will update them here.
If any of the listed company has any issue with our listing, the authorized person from the same MLM company can contact with us.
We are very much concerned about Indians engaging in network marketing businesses. The companies are originally belonging to India as well as out of India. If any Indian or Non Indian companies are being promoted in India where Indians are being engaged, we are listing those companies here below, which looks to be non followers of MLM guidelines defined by Govt of India or any State government of India

24 Mudra
AJ Infotech
Alcore Betting Club
Bearer Group