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Check the six types of scores & ratings of MLM companies before joining & promoting them.

Direct sellers trust on DSV Ratings, what we do...

Evaluation and analysis of sustainability, performance, growth & risk of MLM companies based on strength of company, business plan, training & education, members count, products and services and total payout sent to direct sellers.

Company Strength

Backbone should be strong enough, when cyclone comes, it must be protective & powerful to rise again.

Business Plan

Sustainability, profits, durability & risks all are mostly depends on business plans.

Education & Training

Real empowerment only depends on right knowledge based education & training provided to you.

Members Count

Ratio of active & inactive members describes about potential growth possibilities.

Products & Services

Real need based products or services, increases the overall sales of the company & so the profits.

Total Payout

Real motivation comes when money goes to your pocket. Rest all talks are theories.

VEP Link for direct sellers

Any income made by direct sellers, will be provided a guarantee as a "Verified Earning Proof" link by DSV Ratings

Score Alert for Direct Sellers

Direct sellers are notified first whenever we add an analysis report of a new MLM company.

Social Media Marketing

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Scores & ratings after analysis of MLM companies

Check how your favorite MLM companies are actually scoring after a deep analysis. How much they are being rated...

Adken Global Marketing Private Limited
MuktaFresh Wellness LLP
OK Life Care : Score & Ratings Analysis

What our experts says...

Direct sellers need readymade expert advice for the growth of MLM industry to identify the real truth behind.

Rohit Kr Jaiswal

Rohit Kr Jaiswal

MLM Business Expert

MLM is a magical platform, It has the real power to reform even the economy of the country.

Roshani Singh

Roshani Singh

MBA in International Business

MLM is a magical platform, It has the real power to reform even the economy of the country.

Mahendra Koiri

Mahendra Koiri

Business Analyser

DSV Ratings defines the real values of MLM Industry for the Direct Sellers.

Parul Agarwal

Parul Agarwal

Chartered Accountant

Numbers & statistics of the business unit tells about the present & future growth